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Not-for-Profit Governance

Authors: Cecile Gillard, Kirsty Semple

This title is the nominated study text for ICSA's qualifying programme, the first exam session for this module takes place in June 2020.

The nominated study texts for ICSA's qualifying programme June 2019 exam session, can be found here

Publishing: November 2019 | ISBN: 9781860727436

Designed for those on the journey to becoming a Chartered Secretary or Governance Professional, ICSA’s Not-for-Profit Governance study text provides the knowledge and skills necessary for a company secretary or governance professional to act as chief adviser to the board of trustees and other stakeholders in not-for-profit organisations.

It covers the principles and issues of not-for-profit governance including issues surrounding the board, such as roles, responsibilities and how risks are identified and managed. The legal duties of not-for-profit organisations are also discussed, as well as the recommended standards of best practice they should follow.  Accountability and social responsibility are covered along with how to manage relations with stakeholders and whistleblowing.

This study text details all you need to know for Module 1C of the ICSA qualifying programme. It contains:

  • Worked examples and ‘Test Yourself’ questions with full, worked answers
  • Case studies and ‘Stop and Think’ scenarios to help you apply your knowledge
  • Comprehensive chapter summaries to aid your revision.

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