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Business Management in Practice

Author: Dr Philip Kelly

Published: March 2017 | ISBN: 9781860726989

This official ICSA study text has been specially designed to support students taking the Business Management in Practice module of ICSA’s Level 5 qualifications in International Finance and Administration.

The text covers the syllabus for each module and is structured to help in planning a programme of study. Learning outcomes linked to the syllabus are highlighted to help students focus on the examination requirements for each module.

The text follows a standard format and includes a range of features to encourage active learning and to help students apply principles and theory to real-life business situations, including:

  • case law and case examples
  • stop and think scenarios
  • worked examples
  • test yourself review questions and answers
  • glossaries of key terms

The text provides an excellent guide for students, but also serves as a useful reference for anyone who needs an accessible and practical introduction to the subject.


Part One: Management and leadership
1. What is management and what is the role of the manager?
2. Leadership
3. Organisational behaviour

Part Two: Business structures and functions
4. Organising the workforce
5. Organising work - business functions and processes
6. Establishing work - integrated systems and technology

Part Three: Business strategy
7. Analysing the environment
8. Managing strategy
9. Realising strategy

Part Four: Innovation, entrepeneurship and change
10. Managing innovation and the entrepeneurial organisation
11. Managing change
12. Global management