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Foundation Programme (ICSA qualifying programme)

Authors: Douglas Armour, Santhie Goundar, Kelly Padwick, Lee Roach

Published: July 2018 | ISBN: 9781860727337

Designed for those at the start of their journey to becoming a Chartered Secretary or Governance Professional, ICSA’s Foundation Programme provides an introduction to how organisations can be structured to achieve their objectives and the legal, regulatory and compliance frameworks they need to navigate. It also introduces how organisations track and manage their finances to aid effective decision making and ensure future success.

This study text details all you need to know to qualify for a Foundation Programme Certificate and entry to Part One of the ICSA qualifying programme. It contains:

  • Worked examples and ‘Test Yourself’ questions with full, worked answers
  • Case studies and ‘Stop and Think’ scenarios to help you apply your knowledge
  • Comprehensive chapter summaries to aid your revision.

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Part One – Introducing the business environment
1. Introducing organisations
2. The wider organisational context

Part Two – Introduction to law
3. Purposes and classification of the law
4. Administration of the law
5. Sources of law
6. Company law and governance framework
7. Law and business

Part Three – Principles of company compliance and administration
8. How companies are structured
9. Records management, filing requirements and document retention
10. Meetings

Part Four – Introduction to finance and accounting
11. Revenue, costs and profit
12. Financial accounting and management
13. Management accounting
14. Introduction to financial decision making

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