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Mark Wearden

Mark Wearden has run MBS Challenging Perception, a private strategy consultancy, for the past 18 years, following 12 years in Merchant Banking as an analyst, and 8 years in Industry as a finance director.  
In addition to client-focused consultancy and challenge projects, Mark regularly delivers public workshops, seminars and lectures for professional bodies and Universities, and ‘in-house’ programmes for client organisations.  
Throughout his career, Mark has worked extensively with directors and senior managers from a wide range of different type and size of organisation, from FTSE 100 down and back again, giving him a challenging insight into the minds of the directors of corporate Britain.  Mark specialises in Board, Committee and Director evaluation and challenge, in line with the expectations of the UK Code.  
Alongside his governance and consultancy work, Mark is a senior lecturer in business and finance at the University of Lincoln.
Mark’s areas of interest are ‘governance thinking’ and ‘supply chain challenge’; in particular exploring with clients the dichotomy that frequently exists between theory and practice.