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Andrew W Smith

Andrew Smith is a principal consultant at BDO. He specialises in finance function and IT outsourcing. Most recently he has advised manufacturing businesses, membership organisations and charities on outsourcing. Prior to joining BDO, Andrew was involved in creating shared services in the UK and North America, near-shoring finance functions to Poland and examining shared services in China.


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Outsourcing (ICSA Solutions)

Outsourcing (ICSA Solutions)

Authors: Andrew W Smith, Karen Meenderink, Mark Sykes, Dennis Horner
Price: £14.35 | August 2014
ISBN: 9781860726392

Organisations that go down the outsourcing route need to do so in the knowledge they have a robust governance process and an ability to build a long-term relationship with the outsourced provider. In this ICSA guide, we explain and offer examples of good practice throughout all stages of the outsourcing lifecycle.

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