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CEDR, the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, is a non-profit organisation that promotes the use of alternative dispute resolution and conflict management. It works with organisations of all sizes, from the UN, World Bank and IMF to large PLCs, such as British Airways, Sony, and Coca-Cola, as well as thousands of SMEs in the UK and Europe. CEDR runs dispute services such as mediation and arbitration that have helped to resolve over 40,000 disputes, and trains individuals and organisations on how to manage conflict. Its Mediator Accreditation is the leading international recognised standard, with 7,000 accredited around the world


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Effective Conflict Management

Effective Conflict Management

Author: CEDR
Price: £32.95 | June 2013
ISBN: 9781860725418

Difficult conversations are a natural part of human interaction and working life. Depending on how they are approached and how they proceed, they can present an opportunity to improve and make things work better, or they can lead to damaged relationships and lost business efficiency. This book is designed to help you recognise and prevent conflict, but also to deal with it when it does happen.

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