Develop a structured approach to measuring your business performance. This course will help you ensure that your performance measures reflect how your processes operate, monitor and report data in order to drive sustainable improvements.

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Performance measurement concepts

  • What is performance measurement?
  • What are the principles of performance measurement?
  • How helpful are financial performance measures?
  • What are the benefits of performance measurement?
  • How can targets be dangerous?
  • How should we display performance data?
  • What at the three levels of performance measurement?
  • What is the performance measurement linkage chart?

Creating measures that work

  • What makes a good measure?
  • How do we create the performance measurement linkage chart?
  • What are our organisational goals?
  • How do we create strategic measures that fit the goals?
  • How should we identify the processes that deliver the organisational goals?
  • What are the process output measures?
  • What are the critical to quality steps in the process?
  • How do we create in-process measures for the critical to quality steps?
  • How do performance measurement linkage charts work in practice?
  • What might a starter set of performance measures look like?

Monitoring and managing data

  • How can we present data in context?
  • What is the voice of the process?
  • What is the nature of variation?
  • How do we monitor performance data using a control chart?
  • What does a Shewhart individuals control chart look like in practice?
  • What are the strategies for dealing with variation?
  • What is the relationship between process behaviour and cost?

Benefit realisation

  • What is benefit realisation?
  • How can we create shared value?
  • How do measures differ from benefits?
  • What does the benefits map look like?
  • What is the benefit realisation model?
  • How would a benefits map work in practice?

The framework

  • What does the framework look like?
  • What is the framework for a small manufacturer?
  • How can we use performance measurement to drive improvement?
  • What are the key lessons from this course?

Course leader

Ross Maynard is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He has worked as a consultant and trainer for over 20 years, specialising in process improvement and lean for finance teams. He has presented at lean conferences in the UK, Australia, Italy and Denmark and has written many articles and blogs on process improvement. 

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