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Automatic Enrolment: A Guide for Professionals

CPD: 4 hours


Automatic enrolment (or auto-enrolment) is not just an issue for pension experts. It affects many aspects of business including payroll, human resources, legal and finance. All employers will need to comply, no matter what size, and with The Pensions Regulator ensuring compliance and imposing penalties on those who do not, employers need to act now. With a shortage of advice available, companies are turning to their accountants for support and advice on how to set up and administer a suitable scheme.

This new course looks at issues such as what do you need to know? What advice should you give to your businesses and clients? How can you help them to implement the changes smoothly and effectively?

This course focuses on the choices and considerations for employers, looks at lessons already learned and shares different employer scenarios.

What will you get out of it?

  • Understand the background and need for automatic enrolment
  • Identify the effects on both employers and employees
  • Understand how to comply with the legislation
  • Understand some of the key aspects to ensuring automatic enrolment is a success

Course content

Learning outcomes


  • What is automatic enrolment?
  • Why is automatic enrolment happening?
  • What are the main employer concerns?
  • Where do employers go for assistance?
  • What is the capacity of resources?

Duties and obligations

  • What key concepts do data controllers need to understand?
  • What about data collected via surveillance and CCTV?
  • How do we comply with the Eight Data Protection principles?

Employer considerations

  • What are the key concepts of automatic enrolment?
  • What technical and compliance issues face employers?
  • What is the role of the Pensions Regulator?

Project management and implementation

  • How do we plan the project?
  • What are our scheme options?
  • What can I learn from what others have already transitioned?
  • What examples exist?

Course price

£80 + VAT (non-members)
£70 + VAT (ICSA members)
£50 + VAT (ICSA students)

Course date

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Course price

£80 + VAT (non-members)
£70 + VAT (ICSA members)
£50 + VAT (ICSA students)

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