Summary of student rules – students on ICSA-validated postgraduate programmes

The pathway to ICSA membership

When you join a university programme which is validated as a joint-award with ICSA, you can register as an ICSA student and take the first step to becoming an ICSA member.

On successful completion of the university programme, you will then be eligible to become a Graduate of ICSA. This means that when you gain enough relevant work experience in this area, you can apply to become a full member of ICSA, and be a Chartered Secretary.

Becoming an ICSA student

Your agreement with the university does not automatically make you a student of ICSA. If you want to go on to become an ICSA Graduate when you complete the university programme, you will also need to register as a student with ICSA.

You do this by completing an ICSA ‘University student registration form’ and making a registration payment.

Payment process

The ICSA student and membership fee is paid in two instalments, at the beginning and end of your university studies.

You need to register with us as a student in your first term / semester and pay the first instalment of £80. This first payment registers you as an ICSA student as long as you continue your studies on this programme; you will not need to pay again to renew your student status.

When you successfully complete the programme, you can register as a Graduate of ICSA and pay the second instalment of £290. This will cover your first year of subscription fees as an ICSA Graduate.

ICSA student status

While you are registered as an ICSA student, you can use the term ‘ICSA student’ to describe your status. You are not yet a member of ICSA and you cannot describe yourself as a Chartered Secretary.

Professional ethics and conduct

As an ICSA student, however, you are a potential future Chartered Secretary and we expect that your professional ethics and conduct will be equal to that of a full member while you are studying. As such, when you agree to the ICSA student rules and regulations, you agree to abide by the:

Please read the full ICSA student rules and regulations for students on ICSA validated postgraduate programmes.

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