Introduction to Company Law

Designed for delegates who have no prior knowledge of UK company law, this course explores the key principles and concepts behind the legal founding and management of companies in the UK.

Using the Companies Act 2006 as the main source of company law, it provides the legal background to the various possible stages a company can go through in its lifetime, from beginning to end.  It also looks at the legal obligations a company and the people who run it, face whilst carrying out its everyday business.

Explained in plain language and using practical examples, this course provides enough technical detail for those who require a simple refresher as well as an overview of the major conceptual theories for those delegates looking for a general understanding of company law in the UK.

Course details

Trainer: Nigel Banerjee
Type: Full day
Location: ICSA, Saffron House, 6–10 Kirby Street, London, EC1N 8TS.


  • What is a company?
  • Company formation and constitution
  • The board: role, duties, powers and decision-making
  • Shareholders
  • Share capital and capital maintenance
  • Winding up.

    What will you get out of it?

    • A concise yet comprehensive overview of the main legal principles underpinning company activity in the UK
    • An understanding of the ‘life’ of the company and of the legal obligations it, and the people who run it, will face day to day
    • Through the use of plain language and practical examples, the tools to explore the link between legal theory and business reality.

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