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The Core Skills for Support Staff Award is suitable for professionals working in an administrative role and looking to improve their skills and gain a basic understanding of the law and regulation within which the work of governance and compliance is undertaken.

The fee for Core Skills for Support Staff is £2,400 plus VAT. Cost includes a place on each training day, provision of all course materials, catering and assessment. 

Content and assessment

The topics covered over the four training days are:

More information on each training day, including programme and trainer details, can be found by clicking on the link. View the terms and conditions for these awards here.

Assessment is via four 500-word reports, one following each training day. Each assessment is based around two to three questions.


Core skills for support staff is run three times per year.

2018 training sessions
Session oneDates
Company Secretarial Practice for Support Staff
14 March
Effective Minute Taking 15 March
Introduction to Corporate Governance  21 March
Introduction to Company Law 04 April
Session twoDate
Effective Minute Taking 10 May
Introduction to Company Law 19 June
Introduction to Corporate Governance 27 June
Company Secretarial Practice for Support Staff
04 July
Session threeDate
Introduction to Company Law 05 September
Effective Minute Taking 06 September
Company Secretarial Practice for Support Staff
03 October
Introduction to Corporate Governance 30 October

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More info

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone about taking one of our Professional Development Awards, please contact ICSA Training on +44 (0)20 7580 4741 or email training@icsa.org.uk.


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