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The ICSA Level 4 Certificate in Sports Governance is an introductory programme (set at first year undergraduate level) suitable if you are working, or looking for a job, with governance responsibilities in a sports organisation. The qualification examines how organisations are expected to operate and, in particular, implement the principles of the new Code for Sports Governance.

Learn about the main issues and the impact poor governance and lack of accountability can have on an organisation, based on how UK sports bodies are structured.

Develop good governance practices that ensure you remain compliant with regulatory requirements while engaging your key stakeholders.


This programme is open entry, with no prior qualifications required, and suitable if you are living or working in the UK or internationally.

Job roles may include:

  • Sports Administrator
  • Sports Development Officer 
  • Policy Advisor
  • Governance Manager/Head of Governance
  • Chief Executive Officer


The qualification is delivered via a course of one-hour live webinars, including two marked practice tasks. The course runs once a year from February to May.

The course will cover the following topic areas:

  • The sport governance landscape
  • Developing effective governance structures in sports organisations
  • The role of risk and risk management in sport
  • Compliance requirements of key statutory policies
  • Financial arrangements that ensure best practice
  • Building effective relationships with stakeholders

Regular webinars are delivered every week or every fortnight and are run using the Adobe Connect platform (you will need an internet connection to attend). You will be able to hear the presenters and you can communicate with the speakers and other attendees via the chat function. You will receive a copy of the slides, accompanying material and recording after each webinar session.

Two practice tasks are set during the course, which are intended to support revision around certain topics and will help you to prepare for the exam. These do not count towards the final assessment but will provide feedback on your progress.


The recommended study time for the Level 4 Certificate in Sports Governance is 200 hours, which includes the webinars, practice tasks and exam time. 

This course is based around a self-study model, and therefore requires a significant commitment to study, on top of the provided webinar sessions.

We recommend that you register in time for the start of the live webinar course in February to get the most out of the resources provided. You can register on this qualification and start studying at any time during the year, with access to all previously recorded webinar sessions. The first webinar is on Wednesday 21 February at 2.00pm.

Assessment of the course is via one exam (3 hours with 15 minutes reading time), and can be taken in June and November each year. The exam paper contains a mixture of short- and extended-answer questions with a pass mark of 50%.

The syllabus and sample assessment materials are available below:

When registering for the course, you must pick from one of the next two exam sessions upon registration. First assessment of this qualification is on Thursday 7 June at 9.15am.


The fee for this qualification is £1,000 (Reduced Rate countries single fee £900)*

This includes:

  • Registration and certificate 
  • One exam entry (choice between next two available exam sessions) 
  • Electronic copies of the syllabus, sample assessment materials and study text on the MyICSA area of our website
  • Course webinars (and practice task service if registering before mid - February)
  • Access to two ICSA webinars on study skills and revision skills
  • ICSA affiliateship for one year upon successful completion of the qualification
  • Student membership and benefits for the duration of your course.
Additional fees
Exam re-sit  £155
Exam Postponement (per exam) £80
Deferment (per exam) £30

*See all countries that are eligible for the reduced rate.



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