How much will CSQS cost me?

Registration fees: If you are starting CSQS there is a one-off fee to register as an ICSA student.

Subscription fees: Paid annually by all students. The first payment is due upon registration and is calculated according to the ICSA membership calendar.

Exemption fees: Applicable once your route has been confirmed and payable within six weeks of the date of registration.

Exam fees: Payable when you want to sit an exam (by 1 April for the June exams and 1 October for November exams).

Reduced fees

Reduced rates apply for CSQS students living, registered and sitting their examinations in a number of countries. See all countries that are eligible for the reduced rate.

DescriptionUK and overseasReduced rate countries*
One-off registration £135 £75
Annual subscription (1 Aug – 31 July) £185 £130
Half year subscription (1 Feb – 31 July) £92.50 £65
Exemption fee (per module) £225 £153
Exam fee (per module) £225 £153
Resit fee (per module) £225 £153
Postponement fee (per module) £113 £77
Chartered Secretaries case study fee £310 £235

Additional fees :


UK and overseas

Professional Diploma in Governance/ Health Service Governance


Late exam entry (up to five days after closing date)


Extra late exam entry (more than five days after closing date)


Exam entry change admin fee (applicable any time after entry processing)


Refund admin fee (applicable if refund granted)


Exam script report


Student transcript


Ex-student transcript


Replacement certificate


Fast Track Professional

Fast Track Professional is available at a total cost of £1,845 (Reduced Rate countries* are eligible to apply for the reduced rate of £1,230). This includes the initial registration fee, one year's student membership, all exemption fees and an exam entry for each of the two modules.

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