ICSA qualifying programme
Law/ Finance Degree route


If you already hold a degree in law or finance, then being a company secretary could be a great career choice. You'll expand your skillset whilst putting your knowledge from your existing qualification to good use. You can find out more about the career here.

If you've decided to become a company secretary and you hold a degree in law or finance, then you are eligible to take the law or finance degree route through the ICSA qualifying programme, which entitles you to exemptions from two modules, dependent on your qualifications.


If you have a law degree, you can apply for exemptions in two Stage One modules of the qualifying programme:

  • Applied Business Law
  • Corporate Law

If you have a finance degree, you can apply for exemptions in two Stage One modules of the qualifying programme:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Applied Business Law


The following study options are available to all ICSA qualifying programme students, regardless of the route being taken:

  1. Purchase tuition from one of our registered tuition providers. Our registered tuition providers offer different tuition options to suit your situation and your budget, including distance learning, face-to-face classes and blended learning. You can view all of our registered tuition providers here.
  2. Self study. If you’d prefer, you can simply buy the study text for each module and make your own way through the syllabus, without purchasing any tuition or study support.

Every ICSA registered student gets the following free study support, whether they purchase tuition or not:

  • Access to past papers, suggested answers and other study materials via MyICSA, the secure area of our website especially for ICSA students and members
  • A comprehensive study skills book
  • Free exam techniques webinars.

You also have access to module-specific webinars and recordings, presented by the examiner of the module.

Please note: choosing to use a tuition provider will incur tuition fees to be paid direct to the provider, on top of your ICSA student fees.


All students must pay an initial registration fee, plus their subscription fee. Exams and exemptions are also paid for separately.

DescriptionUK and overseasReduced rate countries*
One-off registration £135 £75
Annual subscription (1 Aug–31 July) £185 £130
Half year subscription (1 Feb–31 July) £92.50 £65

Exam Fees

DescriptionUK and overseasOverseas reduced rate*
Exam fee (per module) £225 £153
Resit fee (per module) £225 £153
Postponement fee (per module) £113 £77
Exemption fee (per module) £225 £153
Chartered secretaries case study fee £310 £235
Additional fees (no reduced fees available)
Professional diploma certification £62
Late exam entry (up to five days after closing date) £103
Extra late exam entry* (more than five days after closing date) £205
Exam entry change admin fee (applicable any time after entry processing) £30
Refund admin fee (applicable if refund granted) £57
Script report £82
Student transcript £30
Ex-student transcript £57
Replacement certificate £20


Apply Online

Complete your registration and start your study journey today through the Law/ Finance Degree exemption route.

Register for Law Degree route

Register for Finance Degree route

Students are required to abide by the Student rules and regulations and follow the Code of professional ethics and conduct.

Paper Application

If you would prefer to send your application by post, please download, print and complete the following application forms. Submissions must include certified copies of academic or professional qualifications and transcripts or evidence of membership to relevant professional bodies.

As you are applying for exemptions, please submit certified copies of your academic/professional qualification and a transcript. These must be in English. If they weren't issued in English they should be:

  • translated by someone fluent in both languages, who is not related to you
  • certified as an accurate translation of the original by the translator.

Certified copies of the original document and translated document should be submitted.

Please note: exemptions are offered and confirmed only once your previous qualifications and experience have been assessed. You will be awarded the exemptions available to you on the date of registration as a student. An exemption fee is applicable for each module you are exempted from.


Registration includes a payment of the initial registration fee and the annual subscription fee.

You can pay in one of the following ways:

*Currently, ICSA offers overseas reduced rates to students living in, registered and sitting their examinations in a number of countries. Check which countries this applies to.


Once you've completed forms, please send them, with accompanying payment details, to:

Members & Students
Saffron House
6–10 Kirby Street

N.B. Those choosing to study with a registered tuition provider should register with ICSA before doing so with a tuition provider so that the modules you are required to sit have been confirmed.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone about your route through the ICSA qualifying programme, please contact us

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