Professional Diploma in Governance or Health Service Governance


If you are signed up to the standard, related degree or the law or finance fast track route through CSQS and have passed all level one CSQS modules, you are eligible to apply for our Professional Diploma in Governance, or Professional Diploma in Health Service Governance.

For a one-off fee of £60, those who have passed all CSQS level one modules can be awarded the diploma.


In order to apply to receive the diploma you must be registered with us on either the standard route, related degree route or the law/finance fast track route through CSQS.

You must have passed either the Corporate Governance or Health Service Governance module at level one, but the remaining three modules can either have been sat and passed or have had exemptions awarded.


All you have to do is follow these simple steps to apply to receive your certification:

1. To let us know you'd like to receive the diploma, contact us
2. We'll arrange your certification, you simply need to pay the fee in either of the following ways:

  • By cheque made payable to ICSA, sent to: Client Relations, ICSA, Saffron House, 6–10 Kirby Street, London EC1N 8TS.

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      If you have any queries about the Professional Diploma in Governance/Health Service Governance, please contact one of our Client Relations team on +44 (0)20 7580 4741 or contact us

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