Law or finance fast track routes is for qualified lawyers or accountants who are Law Society or CCAB/CIMA members (respectively), and who have less than five years' appropriate post-qualifying experience.

Law route – you are eligible for exemptions from the Financial Reporting and Analysis, Applied Business Law, Corporate Law and Strategy in Practice modules.

Finance route – you are eligible for exemptions from the Financial Reporting and Analysis, Applied Business Law, Financial Decision Making and Strategy in Practice modules.

Take these simple steps to register for the law or finance fast track route through CSQS.  

1. Complete the registration form and apply for exemptions

Fill in the CSQS registration form

As you are applying for exemptions, please submit certified copies of your academic/professional qualification and a transcript. These must be in English. If they weren't issued in English they should be:

  • translated by someone fluent in both languages, who is not related to you
  • certified as an accurate translation of the original by the translator.

Certified copies of the original document and translated document should be submitted.

(Please note: exemptions are offered and confirmed only once your previous qualifications and experience have been assessed. You will be awarded the exemptions available to you on the date of registration as a student. An exemption fee is applicable for each module for which you have had an exemption awarded.) 

2. Attach Professional membership documentation

Along with your completed application forms, you will also need to submit evidence of membership of your professional body.

3. Organise payment

You can pay your student fees in one of the following ways:

  • By cheque, made payable to ICSA, sent with your registration form
  • By credit or debit card – Please contact the membership team on +44 (0)20 7580 4741 to make a payment.
CSQS fees
FeeUK and overseasReduced rate digital magazine*Reduced rate printed magazine*
One-off registration fee £125 £70 £70
Annual subscription (1 Aug–31 July) £170 £122 £138
Half year subscription (1 Feb–31 July) £85.00 £61 £69

*Currently, ICSA offers overseas reduced rates to CSQS students domiciled, registered and sitting their examinations in a number of countries. Check which countries this applies to.


4. Send forms and payment

Once you've completed forms, please send them, with accompanying payment details, to:

Client Relations
Saffron House
6–10 Kirby Street

N.B. Those choosing to study with a registered tuition provider should register with ICSA before doing so with a tuition provider so that the modules you are required to sit have been confirmed.

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