Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance


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This course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to advise decision-making authorities on governance-related issues affecting private, voluntary and public sector organisations (excluding NHS – see our Advanced Certificate in Health Service Governance qualification). Leading to a Level 6 (graduate-level) qualification, it will enable you to interpret the frameworks underlying corporate governance law to support the development of good governance practices and effective stakeholder dialogue throughout your organisation, whilst being aware of legal obligations and best practice. 


This certificate is designed for those working as a governance professional, but in particular those in a company secretarial-related role or as part of a governance team, or in a legal or accountancy role with governance duties. Job roles include: 

  • Company secretary/assistant or deputy company secretary
  • Company secretarial assistant
  • Governance, risk or compliance manager/officer
  • Lawyer or accountant with governance responsibilities

The Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance is an open-entry qualification, although we recommend that students are working in a relevant role and/or have some work experience in the area.


This course covers:

  • General principles of corporate governance
  • Legal and regulatory aspects of corporate governance
  • Codes of and reports on corporate governance
  • Application of governance rules and principles
  • Role of the company secretary
  • The board of directors/board of governors
  • Remuneration of directors and senior executives
  • Reporting to shareholders and external audit
  • Relations with shareholders
  • Risk management and internal control
  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Assessment of the course is via a three hour exam, taken in June or November.

Detailed information on the syllabus, a sample exam paper and a mark scheme are available below:


Recommended study time for the whole course is 150 hours.

The following study options are available to those studying the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance.

  1. Purchase tuition from one of our registered tuition providers. Our registered tuition providers offer different tuition options to suit your situation and your budget, including distance learning, face-to-face classes and blended learning. You can view all of our registered tuition providers here.
  2. Self study. If you’d prefer, make your own way through the programme using your study text, without purchasing any tuition.

You will receive a copy of the study text as part of your tuition fee, and you will have access to the following study support:

  • Access to past papers, suggested answers and other study materials via MyICSA, the secure area of our website especially for ICSA students and members.
  • A comprehensive study skills book
  • Free exam techniques webinars.

You also have access to module-specific webinars and recordings, presented by the examiner of the module.

Please note: Choosing to use a tuition provider will incur tuition fees to be paid direct to the provider, on top of your ICSA student fees.

Exam information

The assessment consists of one three-hour written exam, plus 15 minutes reading time. The pass mark is 50%. 

Exam sessions

When you apply for the course you can choose to sit the exam in June or November. The deadline to register for June exams is 1 April and the deadline for November exams is 1 October.

We have exam centres all over the world as well as in the UK and you choose which exam centre to sit at when you enter for the exam. If there isn’t a centre in your country or area, it may be possible to arrange a special centre.

Exam entries can be changed on payment of an administration fee up to the exam closing date for each session. After this date it is not possible to change your entry.

Please check your exam entries carefully to confirm you are entered for the correct session, module and exam centre.


Take these simple steps to register for the Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance.

1. Complete the registration and exam entry form

Fill out the registration form: 

Download registration and exam entry form

Read the student rules and regulations


2. Organise payment

The Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance qualification has a one-off fee which can be paid in one of the following ways:

3. Send forms and payment

Send your completed forms along with your payment to or by post to:

Members and Students
Saffron House
6–10 Kirby Street

Once these have been received and payment authorised, you will be registered as an ICSA student.

N.B. Those choosing to study with a registered tuition provider should register with ICSA before doing so with a tuition provider so that the modules you are required to sit have been confirmed.


Students for this qualification pay a single one-off fee, which covers the cost of the study text and a single exam registration.  

There are fees applicable for exam resits and postponements as follows:

Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance fees
FeeRateReduced rate
Single fee (includes one exam registration and study text) £1500 £1000
Exam re-sit £225
Exam postponement £113

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone about this qualification, please contact us

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