The ICSA qualifying programme is the main qualification needed to achieve chartered status and become a full member of ICSA. You can also become chartered by completing an ICSA accredited university programme that awards the GradICSA status, as well as a postgraduate qualification.

We also offer a number of other qualifications to suit a variety of professional requirements at different levels.

Chartered qualification

This is the first part of the ICSA qualifying programme. Designed to give you a grounding in the topics that the qualifying programme covers, including an introduction to the areas of law and finance.

Specifically designed to qualify you for work in governance and compliance, and with the required experience leads to chartered status.

This route requires you to complete only two of eight ICSA qualifying programme modules. If you have 5 or more years’ experience in a related role, and have any select professional qualifications in law or accounting, you may qualify for this route.

ICSA has various joint-award partnerships with universities across the UK. These postgraduate programmes cover the same content as the qualifying programme.

Support your studies

The e-learning platform is designed to further support you with your self-study and improve exam success. You can access it at a time and a place that is convenient to you and tailor it to fit around your learning needs.

If you are considering tuition to aid your study on the ICSA qualifying programme then you can sign up with one of our registered tuition providers.

Short course qualifications

Financial compliance qualifications

The IFA qualifications have been developed in response to the increasing complexity of providing financial services across national boundaries, and the growing demand for greater transparency.

This higher-level certificate is a specialised qualification in fund administration. It draws on our expertise in developing the broader Level 5 IFA programme, and particularly the Fund Administration module.

Support your studies

If you are considering tuition to aid your study for an International Finance and Administration qualification, you can sign up with one of our registered tuition providers

Specialist governance qualifications


This introductory Level 4 course is broadly based, covering the principles of good governance across many different sectors. You will develop a strong core knowledge of corporate governance frameworks and codes, and be better placed to navigate governance structures.

This advanced certificate Level 6 course, is a flexible way of getting the knowledge and skills needed to advise governing authorities in private, voluntary and many public sector organisations.

If you work in a company secretarial role, in human resources and rewards, or as a share plan administrator (in-house or external), this course gives you the foundation to design, develop and operate share plans effectively. Developed with Tapestry.

Validated by ICSA, this well-respected Level 4 course is taught by Kensington College of Business, with particular focus on knowledge required for roles in the financial services sector.

Developed by ICSA in partnership with the Law Society of Ireland, this Level 6 course trains suitably qualified individuals to act as a company secretaries, as required by the Companies Act 2014.


This Level 4 course provides an introduction to the legal and regulatory framework around charities in England and Wales, and how this affects charities in relation to issues such as generating income and managing assets.

ICSA has a special recognition agreement with Cass Business School to offer this Level 7 (postgraduate) Diploma for those who have completed the relevant parts of their Charity Masters Programme.


This unique Level 4 course has been newly created to help meet the specific need for effective governance in academy schools and give you skills not readily available from other courses in schools management.


Our Level 6 (graduate-level) health qualification caters to the specific governance needs of NHS in England, which are significantly different from commercial or other public sector requirements. This is the only such qualification available in self-study, distance-learning form, to provide flexibility around other commitments.


This introductory programme focuses on the specific requirements for working in sports organisations and particularly with UK Sport's Code for Sports Governance.

Executive Education

Transform your performance from excellent to outstanding with the ICSA Governance Leadership Programme, an executive development programme designed to equip you with fresh strategic insights and practical ideas for enabling governance in the boardroom and the business.

Next exam session: November 2018
Closing date to enter: 1 October 2018

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