Registered tuition providers terms and condititions

This agreement sets out the Terms and Conditions under which a tuition provider is approved by The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) as a registered tuition provider (RTP).

1. Definitions
1.1. ‘ICSA’ means the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.
1.2. ‘The RTP’ means the registered tuition provider, as approved under this agreement.
1.3. ‘Promotional materials’ refers to any printed material such as brochures or mail outs, as well as electronic copy such as emails or website content.

2. Key requirements for RTPs
2.1. RTP key requirements. The RTP will:
2.1.1 Offer and maintain suitable premises and facilities for teaching and learning. Where premises are not used, other suitable platforms for teaching and learning will be in place.
2.1.2 Maintain effective management of their organisation and quality assurance procedures for teaching and learning.
2.1.3 Be able to demonstrate and maintain success in ICSA exam preparation (or  other relevant exam preparation).
2.1.4 Employ suitably qualified and experienced tutors.
2.1.5 Deliver tuition of a high quality.
2.1.6 Maintain effective support and feedback systems for students (including dealing with student complaints promptly).
2.2. Other RTP requirements. The RTP will:
2.2.1. Notify ICSA of any material changes to the RTP’s tuition delivery (for example, changes to modules taught at each session or changes in mode of delivery or tutors).
2.2.2. Allow ICSA staff or named members of ICSA to conduct a visit to the RTP’s premises on an annual or more regular basis if necessary.
2.2.3. Use current ICSA study texts or other texts recommended by ICSA to support student learning.
2.2.4. Provide an annual monitoring report to ICSA. 
2.3. Conflicts of interest
2.3.1. The RTP will not employ any person working with ICSA Education (for example, as an examiner or marker) as a tutor for ICSA students.
2.3.2. The RTP will inform ICSA if it employs anyone working with ICSA Education in any capacity.
2.4. Use of the ICSA name. The RTP will not:
2.4.1. Register any trade mark, internet domain name or company name, which includes the words ICSA or any similar name.
2.4.2. Use ICSA trademarks other than as expressly permitted under licence from ICSA.
2.5. Bribery Act
2.5.1. The RTP will comply with ICSA’s Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy at all times. 

3. Approval of applications

3.1. The ICSA registered tuition provider scheme applies to an individual tuition provider at a single-site location. Tuition providers based at more than one site should seek approval for each location. Where there are multiple locations please contact the RTP team for further guidance on requirements.
3.2. ICSA reserves the right to reject applications that do not meet the key requirements.
3.3. Upon satisfactory completion of the application, ICSA will contact the tuition provider to confirm that it has granted RTP status. RTP status shall then continue until the next annual renewal start date on 1 July, unless terminated before that date pursuant to clause nine, below. Where explicitly stated, some conditions (such as those pertaining to confidentiality) will subsist beyond the termination of this agreement.

4. Benefits for RTPs
4.1. General support and information. ICSA will provide the RTP with:
4.1.1 Login details to access the restricted My ICSA area of the ICSA website, which includes student support material.
4.1.2 Regular updates from the ICSA on student communications, by email.
4.1.3 A monthly edition of the ICSA's Governance and Compliance magazine.
4.1.4 Examination results of ICSA students attending the RTP, on request and subject to data protection legislation.
4.1.5 One copy of each new edition of ICSA study texts for ICSA modules taught by the RTP.

5. Promotion and promotional guidelines

5.1 ICSA logo and website. ICSA will:
5.1.1 List the RTP on the ‘Tuition providers’ section of the ICSA website, stating the name of the RTP, courses delivered, method of delivery and contact details.
5.1.2 Grant the RTP use of the ICSA registered tuition provider logo for the duration of the period in which RTP status is granted. The RTP will:
5.1.3 Supply ICSA with accurate details for the ‘Tuition providers’ section of the website and provide amendments to these details when necessary.
5.1.4 Use the ICSA registered tuition provider logo only in the format, size and colour specified by ICSA.
5.2 RTP promotional materials. The RTP will:
5.2.1 Ensure that information contained in promotional materials for ICSA courses is accurate, free from unsubstantiated, general or misleading claims and free from negative references to other tuition providers and ICSA.
5.2.2 Use quotations from or the names of ICSA students in promotional / publicity materials only with the written approval of those students (and where highlighting prize winners ensure the student studied the subject of the prize awarded at the tuition provider for that sitting).

6. Data protection and confidentiality

6.1 ICSA will treat all personal data and other information the RTP provides in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will take all reasonable steps to ensure any partners, contractors or agents who are likely to receive such data also comply with the Act.
6.2 The RTP will treat all personal data and other information provided by ICSA in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and equivalent legislation as varied from time to time and will take all reasonable steps to ensure any partners, contractors or agents who are likely to receive such data also comply with the Act.
6.3 RTPs should ensure that the use of any personal details in local mailings is compliant with data protection requirements in their relevant jurisdiction.
6.4 The RTP, when granted access to confidential information such as draft versions of study texts or examples of marked exam scripts, will keep such information confidential.

7. Notice and liability
7.1 Notice
7.1.1 ICSA will provide the RTP with at least 60 days’ notice of any change to these terms and conditions.
7.2 Liability
7.2.1 ICSA will not accept any liability in respect of any loss or damage to any person attending training with the RTP, and in particular, ICSA will not accept any liability in respect of any inaccuracy or omission in the fulfilment of the service the RTP provides to the fullest extent permissible by law, save in relation to death or physical injury caused by ICSA’s negligence or fraud. Further, the RTP will fully indemnify ICSA and hold ICSA harmless against all loss and liability arising from any claims brought against ICSA arising from your provision of the tuition.
7.2.2 The RTP will ensure that appropriate professional indemnity and public liability insurance is in place.

8. Fees

8.1 There is an initial application fee to receive and process your application that is non-refundable. If the application is approved an annual subscription fee is payable. In the first year the annual subscription will be pro-rated from the date of granting the RTP status to the next 1 July. Current fees are: initial application fee £100; annual subscription fee £300. 
8.2 ICSA will set out the initial application fees and annual subscription rates in its ‘Info and guidance’ and on the RTP section of its website.
8.3 ICSA reserves the right to amend the RTP scheme subscription rates on an annual basis.
8.4 ICSA will invoice the RTP for annual subscription rates by 1 July.
8.5 ICSA will not refund application or subscription fees in the event of termination of this agreement.

9. Termination and general
9.1. RTPs may terminate their RTP status by giving at least 90 days’ written notice. Unless an RTP is in breach of these terms and conditions, its membership of the scheme will run until the next 1 July.
9.2. ICSA may withdraw RTP status if:
9.2.1. The RTP does not pay the annual renewal fee within 30 days of the invoice being issued.
9.2.2. The RTP ceases to carry on business, goes or is put in to receivership, administrative receivership, administration or liquidation, or make an arrangement for the benefit of your creditors, or suffer any similar action in consequence of any debt.
9.2.3. The RTP breaches any of these terms and conditions and fails to remedy such breach (if capable of remedy) within 30 days of receiving written notice from ICSA to do so.
9.2.4. The RTP has not run any ICSA courses for a period of twelve months.
9.2.5. ICSA considers that the RTP’s continued membership would be detrimental to the interests of the profession or those who are receiving provision from the RTP.
9.2.6. At any time if, at ICSA’s sole discretion, feedback received is deemed to indicate a poor level of service or if a disproportionately high number of complaints are received about the quality of any aspect of the service provided.
9.3. These terms comprise a contract between ICSA and the RTP once you agree to provide tuition as a registered tuition provider. They and the ‘Key requirements for RTPs’ and the ‘Online RTP application form’ are the entire agreement between us. Any prior statements are excluded. RTPs acknowledge that they have not relied on any other statements in entering into this agreement. ICSA makes no claims that RTPs will generate any particular level of, or any, business through being part of the scheme. English law applies to these terms and RTPs agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in connection with any disputes.

10. Non Exclusivity
10.1 ICSA has arrangements with a number of RTP and this arrangement is non exclusive. ICSA also has individual arrangements with other providers which vary from time to time.

11. Agreement
11.1 By ticking to indicate acceptance of these terms the RTP accepts these terms and conditions which are the sole terms which apply between the parties and may only be varied under clause 7.1.1 above.

All correspondence about registered tuition provider applications or any other aspects of the scheme should be emailed to or by post to:

Education Department (RTP Scheme)
Saffron House, 6-10 Kirby Street

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