ICSA e-learning platform

At ICSA we are committed to supporting you on your learning journey and we recognise that the demands of study will often compete with your daily responsibilities. We have developed our suite of e-learning tools to provide you with high-quality tuition delivered through the flexibility of a digital platform.

The ICSA e-learning platform is designed to further support you with your self-study and improve exam success. You can access it at a time and a place that is convenient to you and tailor it to fit around your learning needs. ICSA’s e-learning platform provides you with:

  • Self-directed, on-demand access to study material all in one place
  • Flexible access through your computer and mobile devices
  • A self-paced study schedule that fits around you, so you decide when, where and how often
  • High-quality lectures that can be accessed whenever you want, without the need to travel to a dedicated venue
  • The opportunity to choose your learning material, as lessons are wrapped up in a single session
  • Videos that complement the study text, an excellent way to communicate facts to engage and inspire
  • A fit to your learning style with the benefit of the online tutor, to help you focus on understanding the material and concepts as they are presented, followed by focussed reading with the online study text
  • The chance to learn more through external links and resources
  • Trackable learning where you can pause your learning and return back to the point you left off.

We are offering the pilot to students on all study routes who are taking the Corporate Secretarial Practice module. To register, click here.

The e-learning platform will be launching resources for the Foundation Programme in 2019. 

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