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Meet some of our members and find out how they started their careers in governance, where they are now, and what they learned along the way.

Helen Baker

Case study

Consumer Goods
Helen Baker, FCG Head of Secretariat, Coca-Cola European Partners plc

Helen and her team look after Coca-Cola European Partners plc (CCEP), CCEP’s board of directors (the board) and CCEP’s shareholders. CCEP is a company set up in the UK. You can buy and sell its shares on stock exchanges in four countries. Looking after CCEP includes making sure it follows all the laws and rules that apply to it. Read more

Case study

Susan Swabey, FCG Company Secretary, Smith & Nephew plc

Susan is the Company Secretary at Smith & Nephew plc and has been in the role for 12 and a half years. She has been part of the Company Secretarial world since leaving University, and 'fell into the role as it was something you could do with an Arts 'degree'. Read more

Case study

Financial Services
Madeleine Scrafton, FCG Head of Governance – Board, HSBC Holdings plc

Maddie Scrafton is currently Head of Governance for the Board of HSBC Holdings plc, ensuring corporate governance, listing and regulatory obligations are met. Read more

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In their shoes: <p>Cynthia Mora Spencer, ACG</p>

In their shoes:

Cynthia Mora Spencer, ACG

As part of our 'in their shoes' series, we sat down with Cynthia Mora Spencer, ACG, who works for The Chartered Governance Institute.

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In their shoes: <p>Susan Swabey, FCG</p>

In their shoes:

Susan Swabey, FCG

As part of our 'in their shoes' series, we sat down with Susan Swabey, FCG, who works as Company Secretary for Smith & Nephew plc.

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