I have been a chartered secretary since 1997 and worked in the professional services, higher education and corporate sectors. This has given me a broad range of experience and development opportunities. In a former role, I was involved in raising seed capital for a university technology spin-out. In another, I was the in-house adviser for all IP matters and contracts. In my current role as Company Secretary of a FTSE 250 PLC, I am responsible for governance, compliance and risk management. I am also a trustee of the pension scheme.

I consider the chartered secretary qualification to be unique in helping to prepare me for my different roles and responsibilities. What differentiates it from, say, an MBA is that it focuses on the more practical aspects of daily work activity – instilling professionalism to the world of policies, processes and procedures. This is where I find ICSA products and services to be of enormous value.

ICSA’s extensive range of products and services include software, publications, networking and training events. I have also had direct experience of its recruitment and board evaluation services, which I would heartily recommend.

Being able to stay on top of a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary role, while operating at the heart of decision making, is critical to my effective performance. As one of the principal advisers to the board, the ICSA qualification and its ongoing development programmes ensure chartered secretaries are able to bring into the boardroom key skills and qualities that are highly valued in all walks of life.

Wai Wong FCIS

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