My ICSA membership has been the professional thread running through my working life. It has enabled me to spend a significant number of years in the corporate sector holding company secretarial positions in FTSE 100 listed companies and to gain FCIS status.

More recently I made the transition to work in the charitable sector in which I have held broader administrative roles. The services and resources offered by the ICSA in my early career were limited but were of great value in guiding me in the practical implementation and procedures of company secretarial work.

The growth of corporate governance led to an increase in what was offered by the ICSA through a wider range of books, guidance notes, technical booklets and software.At differing times I made use of these to help meet the corporate challenges presented by my work.

The experience and skills gained in the corporate world have been transferred to my work in the charitable sector. Once again I have drawn upon ICSA services and resources such as the code of good governance and recommended best practice for trustees. Regular publications and email bulletins alert me to impending changes.

The ICSA qualification no longer confines members to careers in its traditional company secretary heartland but opens up opportunities in many other work areas. A creative and large tool kit of resources and services help members to uphold the high standards of the profession in these diverse roles.

Ian Baker FCIS

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