Exam timetables and key dates

The June exams have been postponed.

Key datesDescription
4 February 2020 Estimated results release date for November exam
18 February 2020 Script report closing date for November exam
2 March 2020 Publication of suggested answers for November exam
23 March 2020 Closing date for registrations/exam entries for June exam
23 March 2020 Deferrals/change of module/change of exam centre for June exam
25 March 2020 Appeals closing date for November exam
Until 3 April 2020 Late exam entries (extra fee applicable) for June exam
20 April 2020 Pre-released case study for June exam
28 April 2020 Admission slips release (available to download on MyCG) for June exam
19 June 2020 Postponement and Extenuating Circumstances closing date for June exam
4 August 2020 Estimated results release date for June exam
18 August 2020 Script report and appeals closing date for June exam 
31 August 2020 Suggested answers to be published on the website

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