Specimen induction pack for non-executive directors of NHS foundation trusts

The governance arrangements in NHS foundation trusts are unique, with each NHS foundation trust comprising a varied membership, a board of directors and a council of governors. All have a role to play in the governance of the organisation.

Non-executive directors have a range of roles to fulfil incorporating legal, oversight and governance responsibilities. They have strategic and leadership responsibilities, stewarding vast public resources, and are expected to act in the best interest of the NHS foundation trust. It is therefore essential that non-executive directors are fully aware of their legal duties, and of the values, vision and behaviours the Trust seeks to promote among staff, members, patients and the wider public. For this reason it is essential that a foundation trust offers and provides a comprehensive induction programme for new non-executive directors.

This guidance has broken the information down into those documents and activities that should be offered to the new non-executive director upon appointment, three months, and six months into the first year of tenure.

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