Proposal for mechanism to co-ordinate company feedback on investor meetings


To improve the relevance to both parties of company/investor meetings by companies providing feedback to investors on the quality of their performance at the meeting.

Top line principles:

  • Feedback by companies would be anonymous
  • Feedback would be consolidated by an independent body (possibly the Investor Relations Society)
  • Detailed feedback results would be available only to those companies and investors who take part in the scheme. Each investor would be entitled to know his ranking and could pay to see the full rankings. Company contributors would be able to see the rankings of fund managers.
  • The level of information required would have to be brief and easily submitted otherwise companies would never complete it.
  • Ideally online submission should be an option – possibly via a smart phone app so that it could be submitted immediately after the meeting.

Example of a possible return to be completed after each meeting:

Company XYZ plc
Date of meeting 27/09/13
Location - city London
investor name Greenback investments
Number of attendees 3
Size of holding % 2.5%
Type of meeting
Post results roadshow
M&A roadshow
Investor requested meeting
M&A roadshow

Company representatives



How to record the feedback of the quality of the meeting
Quality of discussion Score 1-5*
Was the investor properly prepared for the meeting? 4
Did the investor ask about or show an understanding of the long-term strategy of the business? 5
Did the investor ask about or show knowledge of the business model (how you make money)? 4
Did the investor ask relevant questions? 5
How much did you benefit from the meeting? 5

* Where, in terms of marking: 5=excellent 1= poor.


General housekeeping form
Housekeeping Yes or No  
Have you met this investor before Yes No
Was at least one of the attendees known to you Yes No
Were there pre prepared questions Yes No
Were the attendees on time Yes No

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