Challenges to Effective Board Reporting

Boards need to discuss the issues and take the decisions that have a bearing on the long-term success of their organisation. Yet research from ICSA and Board Intelligence  suggests that in many organisations they are a barrier to such discussions, rather than an aid. Too often they are dominated by inward- and backward-looking detail, rather than the sort of information that will help the board to plan its future strategy. Furthermore, the sheer volume of information that board and committee members are presented with makes it unlikely they can read it all, let alone absorb it or pick out the key issues.

The Challenges to Effective Board Reporting research identifies the main obstacles to effective board reporting and paves the way to find solutions.

Next steps

ICSA and Board Intelligence intend to produce three tools to help organisations with the preparation and presentation of their board reporting:

  • A ‘cost calculator’, which will enable organisations to quantify how much time and money they spend on producing this information
  • A tool that will enable organisation to assess the length and balance of their board packs and identify ways in which they can be improved
  • Guidance to help company secretaries and other governance professionals to address some of the challenges identified by this research.

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Read ICSA Policy Adviser Chris Hodge’s blog about the research findings 

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