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News digest 25/09/15: Volkswagen to appoint new CEO and charities told to reform

25 September 2015

Volkswagen to appoint new CEO - read more

Volkswagen to appoint new CEO

Volkswagen (VW) are to choose a replacement chief executive for Martin Winterkorn at a board meeting on Friday 25 September. Winterkorn resigned from his position on 23 September after the emergence of a scandal involving the emissions of VW cars. Porsche Chief Executive Matthias Mueller is expected to be given the position. It is also expected that VW will dismiss executives who have been caught up in the scandal.

Apps approved by the NHS found to be leaking ID data

It has emerged that a number of NHS-accredited apps leak the personal data of users, which could be used for ID theft or fraud. The apps should have been tested to ensure they meet clinical and data safety standards. However, a study by researchers in London has found that some of the apps did not meet privacy standards and sent data without encrypting it. The data-leaking apps have since been removed from the NHS library.

UK charities told to reform their fundraising

Charities have been warned that they must agree to proposals for tighter oversight of the ways they raise funds or risk ‘draconian’ regulation. The warning came from Sir Stuart Etherington, who was commissioned by ministers to look into the practices of the sector after a series of scandals. Sir Stuart also called on charities’ trustees to play a far bigger role in ensuring high standards.

London could benefit from Brexit in the long run

A study by Capital Economics suggests that London could gain long-term benefits from a Brexit. According to the study, ‘an EU exit would enable the UK to broker trade deals with emerging markets that could pay dividends for the financial services sector in the long run’. A Brexit would mean UK business would be unable to sell to consumers throughout the EU, however, after leaving, Britain could enter into bilateral trade agreements with emerging economies outside Europe, providing new opportunities.

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