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UK announces initiatives to tackle cyber crime

19 September 2014

UK announces initiatives to tackle cyber crime - Read more

The UK has announced initiatives to tackle cyber crime and help the cyber sector grow.

The government is to provide £4 million worth of funding to help small businesses in the UK cyber sector grow, collaborate and develop new solutions to tackle cyber threats.

Business Secretary Vince Cable stated that the funding would be awarded via a competition for UK cyber businesses to develop ideas tackle cyber security threats. The competition will be run by the Technology Strategy Board, the government’s innovation agency, in 2015 and will award funding to the firms with the best ideas.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: ‘Building a strong and resilient cyberspace in the UK is central to ensuring that our companies can make the most of business opportunities online, whilst avoiding potentially costly threats to the information they hold and the services they provide.’

The government has also appointed a cyber-security small business champion – Andy Williams, an industry expert from the UK’s largest technology trade association techUK – who will be responsible for mapping cyber security small businesses, and will set up a UK wide growth project to encourage them to work closer together.

His role will also involve working to showcase the capability of small and medium sized cyber businesses at UK and international events, delivering business advice and establishing an online portal to share information about national initiatives with the cyber business community.

As part of another project under this initiative, Dr Emma Philpott, managing director of cyber and technology catalyst Key IQ, will actively work with local volunteers to establish regional clusters of small companies working in cyber security.

This network of clusters will link the small and medium sized businesses to national opportunities and events while giving them a collective voice. She will bring considerable expertise to the role as the founder of both the Malvern cyber security cluster and the UK Cyber Security Forum.

Both projects will be delivered through the Cyber Growth Partnership, which is a forum of government representatives, academia cyber security companies and trade bodies working to support the sector in the UK.

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