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12 charities under investigation for defaulting on reporting requirements

27 September 2013

12 charities are currently under investigation for defaulting on reporting requirements following a crackdown by the Charity Commission (CC) on repeat offenders.

The CC has made the names of the first set of charities involved in a class inquiry public, stating that these have a last known income of more than£500,000 and that they have failed to file annual documents for the last two years or more.


The charities being investigated include: Yad Vachessed Association; Achiezer Association Limited; The Bridge (Oxford) Limited; Grace Church Christian Centre Limited; The Society of Friends of the Torah; Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum; Beighton Welfare Recreation Ground; The Apostolic Faith Mission International Ministries; Lower Central Gardens Bournemouth; The Five Parks, Bournemouth IE Kings, Queens, Meyrick and Redhill Parks and Sealfield Gardens; Bradford Christian School; and Azhar Academy. 


The regulator confirmed that seven of these charities and their trustees had been issued with a formal legal direction ordering them to meet their reporting requirements.The CC added that when the accounts are in they will be scrutinised and any regulatory issues followed up by its operational teams. The regulator identified 86 charities with a last known income of over £500,000 that were in double default with their reporting requirements for at least the last two financial years. Of these: 16 had dissolved with Companies House; a further 32 were identified as being in liquidation or in administration and the missing and final accounts will be prepared as part of the liquidation process; and two have ceased to exist. 


Sam Younger, Chief Executive of the CC, said ‘we have been signalling our tougher approach to defaulters for over a year and have more recently issued clear public warnings to all repeat offenders to submit their annual documents. 


‘This latest enforcement step sends an unequivocal message that we will not tolerate charities that demonstrate contempt for the public they are accountable to by failing to meet reporting requirements. We know that failures in this area are often linked to wider financial mismanagement. In some cases the excuses given by the charities are frankly poor’. 

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