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Nicky Morgan rejects calls for an independent curriculum commission

26 March 2015

Nicky Morgan rejects calls for an independent curriculum commission - read more

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has rejected calls for an independent curriculum commission, stating this responsibility should remain with politicians.

At the Association of School and College Leaders’ annual conference, the General Secretary Brian Lightman called for government to put more trust in the teaching profession to shape what children learn, rather than imposing relentless change from above.

He also said that a national core curriculum should be decided by an independent commission, made up of school leaders, governors, teachers, parents, employers and politicians – and be reviewed only once every five years.

However, Nicky Morgan stated that she did not agree with this proposal and that what is taught in schools should be decided by democratically elected representatives.

The reason for this she added, is that ‘parents should be able to hold us to account for the decisions we make about what their children are learning and what they’re not; and the surest way to make sure they can do that is at the ballot box’.

Lightman commented that what is required is ‘a climate of mutual trust in which professionals are trusted to use their expertise to make the right decisions, and government is trusted to create the conditions for a world-class education system’.

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