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Sepp Blatter resigns as Fifa president

02 June 2015

Sepp Blatter resigns as Fifa president - read more

Sepp Blatter has resigned today 2 June 2015 from his position of president of Fifa amid the emergence of evidence indicating bribes were taken from the South African Football Association.

Publication of evidence earlier today has indicated that Fifa’s Secretary General Jérôme Valcke was aware of a $10 million payment from South African officials to former FIFA vice president Jack Warner.

At an emergency press conference earlier today, Blatter announced his resignation stating that his ‘[his] mandate does not appear to be supported by everybody’ and that ‘[he] will organise extraordinary congress for a replacement for [his presidency]’.

Ironically, he continued: ‘We need a limitation on mandates and terms of office. I have fought for these changes but my efforts have been counteracted.’

Blatter also explained his reasons for standing for a fifth term: ‘I felt compelled to stand for re-election, as I believed that this was the best thing for the organisation. That election is over but Fifa’s challenges are not. Fifa needs a profound overhaul.’

Until the election for a new president, Blatter will continue to carry out his functions. He also announced a significant reform programme to be driven by Domenico Scala, the Fifa Independent Chairman of Audit and Compliance Committee.

Sepp Blatter's full statement can be found on the Fifa website.

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