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Too many charities poorly managed

02 June 2014

Too many charities that are set up in haste are poorly managed says outgoing chief executive of the Charity Commission.

Speaking at the Ascension Trust Practitioners Conference in Manchester, Sam Younger said that too many people set up a new charity before considering other ways of making an impact, which often leads to poorly managed charities.

He urged people to consider carefully how setting up a new charity would make a difference to their chosen cause.

Sam Younger said: ‘One of the great strengths of our society is the charitable instinct of its people. People identify a new need or a new way of addressing an existing need, and they use the vehicle of charity do to something about it. That has created the vibrant, diverse and dynamic charitable sector that touches the lives of all of us every day. But I would add a cautionary note.

‘The Commission’s experience is that many people set up a new charity without making sure they have identified an unaddressed need or found an innovative solution and without making an honest effort to establish whether another charity is already doing similar work. The result is duplication, inefficiency and, sadly, too many charities that are not managed well enough.’

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