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FIFA revenue from Brazil World Cup to exceed US$4bn

23 June 2014

(23 June) FIFA’s revenue from the Brazil World Cup is set to exceed US $4 billion.

According to Sportcal, Sports Market Intelligence, Brazil 2014 will significantly boost the coffers of FIFA. In 2013 alone, FIFA posted revenues of $1.386 billion, compared with $1.166 billion in the previous year. Profits for the year totalled $72 million.

It added that 46% of the world’s population will watch the 2014 World Cup. Broadcast rights sales alone are set to rise to between $2.5 billion and $2.7 billion across this World Cup cycle.

Business and finance of sport analyst Nick Harris, commenting on Sportcal’s research, said: ‘The World Cup remains, in every sense, box office; dramatic, sensational, controversial and aspirational. And serious business, on and off the pitch.

For all the rise of other events and competitions, notably England’s Premier League and Uefa’s Champions League, the World Cup too keeps getting bigger. And when it’s been gargantuan for years anyway, that is impressive.’

However, many Brazilians doubt whether the country’s $11-billion investment in the World Cup can be recouped. A recent survey conducted by Sao Paulo-based Datafolha showed that fewer than half of the population still wanted the country to host the event. Of those surveyed, 55% believed the World Cup will be more harmful than helpful to Brazil.

FIFA has denied that it is taking money away from Brazil in staging the tournament there, with Jerome Valcke, FIFA’s general secretary, saying: ‘FIFA is not asking for any financial support from the Brazilian authorities and whatever is spent by the cities and by the government will remain within the country. It is in the infrastructure [and other] things which will used by the country and will not be taken away by FIFA when we fly away from Brazil on the 14th of July, after the final.’

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