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Tool for third parties to submit charity accounts

20 January 2015

Tool for third parties to submit charity accounts - Read more

The Charity Commission has launched a tool for third parties to submit charity accounts.

The digital service allows a charity’s accountant or other nominated agent to submit accounts on behalf of their client charity.

All charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs), regardless of income and charities with annual incomes of over £25,000 must file accounts with the commission, and have up to 10 months from the end of their financial year to submit them to the regulator.

According to the regulator, this new tool aims to make the process easier for third parties involved, enabling them to submit accounts once finalised on behalf of their client.

Neville Brownlee, Chief Operating Officer at the Charity Commission, said: ‘We have often been contacted by accountants and other third parties completing accounts for charities, asking whether they can submit them to us on behalf of their client.

‘The new service makes this possible, aiming to streamline and simplify the process for all those involved. The new tool has been launched alongside our reminder to charities this month to file on time and file online. I urge third parties to make use of this service, and remain accountable to the public.’

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