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Greater Manchester to take over NHS budget

26 February 2015

Greater Manchester to take over NHS budget - Read more

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is in discussion with the NHS and UK government to take over the city’s £6 billion NHS budget.

As part of the agreement, 10 local authorities, 12 Clinical Commissioning Groups, 14 NHS providers, NHS England and the government are discussing how to develop a plan for joining up and integrating health and social care across Greater Manchester.

This will see Greater Machester making more of its own decisions around the health and social care needs of its residents.

Dr Hamish Stedman, chair of Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, said: ‘This is a genuine opportunity to enhance health outcomes for the people of Greater Manchester by aligning health and social care and public sector reform. Treating a person as a whole - rather than by separate conditions - is designed to bring long-term benefits and independence.’

Head of Policy (not for profit) at ICSA Louise Thomson commented: ‘New governance arrangements [between the different groups] will need to be sufficiently robust, transparent and effective to ensure that appropriate scrutiny and challenge can be applied.

‘Above all, the line of accountability needs to be clear and easily understood by the local and national electorate. This will mean fundamental changes on a local level, in the first instance, if not to the wider health service in the longer term.’

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