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Higher costs in store for financial institutions

15 December 2014

Higher costs in store for financial institutions - Read more

Higher costs are in store for financial institutions in 2015, according to a BNY Mellon poll.

Asset managers, pension funds, banks and insurers expect to be spending more on tax and regulatory-related change in 2015 and for some years beyond.

The poll, conducted at BNY Mellon’s recent third annual Tax and Regulatory Forum in London, found that 71% of the almost 250 delegates attending the event expected to see higher costs in the coming year compared to 2014.

Delegates were concerned about the proposed timing of upcoming regulatory changes and the potential for another bottleneck around compliance and approvals to materialise in Q1 2016.

Paul North, head of product, Europe, Middle East and Asia at BNY Mellon, said: ‘There seems to be a consensus that the next two years will be the most demanding in terms of tax and regulatory work and costs. Despite this, we also note the continued optimism among asset managers when they consider their longer term prospects around, and ongoing interest in, reducing costs and maintaining the pace of product development.’

Mariano Giralt, head of EMEA tax services at BNY Mellon said: ‘The global trend towards tax transparency is at the heart of regulatory reform. The challenge for financial institutions is to keep pace with a host of new initiatives which include FATCA, the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard and potentially a Financial Transaction Tax which would cover 11 EU countries. These initiatives are adding significant compliance costs for financial institutions.’

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