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Government announces health and safety progress

19 June 2012

Action to implement the Löfstedt health and safety reform recommendations, and the wider Red Tape Challenge commitments announced in the Budget, are progressing well, according to a review published by the Government.

Minister for Employment Chris Grayling said in the Forward that, ‘The HSE has already relaxed the requirements for reporting accidents at work, issued new guidance making clear that businesses do not need to test all portable appliances on an annual basis, consulted on the removal of the first 21 redundant or outdated statutory instruments, and launched the highly successful Myth Busters Challenge Panel to challenge daft decisions made in the name of health and safety.’

The report contains information on the progress concerning the implementation of the Löfstedt recommendations, as well as those contained within Lord Young of Graffham’s Common Sense, Common Safety report. In June 2010, the UK Prime Minister asked Lord Young to investigate and report back on the rise of the compensation culture over the last decade, coupled with the ‘low standing’ that health safety enjoys and to suggest solutions. Lord Young’s findings were published in October 2010.

As the recent Government progress review regards both studies, it provides a comprehensive overview of its more general development with its wider health and safety reform agenda.

‘By the end of this process in 2014, 50% of health and safety regulations will either have been reviewed, revoked or improved leaving Great Britain with a simpler, more effective regulatory framework – easing burdens on business and encouraging growth whilst at the same time maintaining the progress that has been made in health and safety outcomes,’ said Grayling.

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