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G+C quiz of the year

1. What birthday did the FTSE 100 celebrate this year?
2. Who did Thomas Pink win a trademark infringement case against over the summer?
Ann Summers
3. How many advertisements were banned by the Advertising Standards Authority last year?
4. 21 German manufacturers were fined €338million for running a price cartel on what?
5. How much did customers spend on accessing company information held by Companies House last year?
£1.7 million
£8.7 million
6. In India, what percent of individual or household respondents in the 2013 Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer stated they had bribed the police?
7. 73% of world business leaders viewed what as their biggest risk?
IT/cyber risk
Reputational damage
8. Which age range committed fraud worth £62 million (an increase of 285% on 2013) in the first half of 2014?
9. What percentage of boards did our FT-ICSA Boardroom Bellwether find had not discussed social media strategy at all?
10. According to our article on the complexities of an effective board, how many of Tesco’s nine NEDs have related business experience?
11. As reported in our November issue, how much was wiped off the FTSE 100 in one day in October?
£46 billion
£100 billion
12. What value of Bitcoins did the US department of Justice seize from hidden website Silk Road when it shut it down?
$8 million
$18 million
13. Which deceased actor was at the centre of a trade mark infringement case between CMG Worldwide and Twitter?
James Dean
Marlon Brando
Heath Ledger
14. Who described his motivation as ‘a passion to build a workplace where everyone can be their true selves – black, white, gay, straight, bipolar, Hindu or obsessive Chelsea fan’?
Sir Richard Broadbent, former Chairman of Tesco
Simon Collins, UK Chairman of KPMG
15. What did the Kelly review cite as the root cause of Co-op’s downfall?
M&A activity – the merger with Britannia Building Society
Member boards making decisions in silos
16. Who said ‘I have come to the conclusion that Tony Blair has finally gone mad’?
David Cameron
Gordon Brown