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Cutting through the noise

29 January 2016 by Alexandra Jones

ICSA’s 125th anniversary celebrations

This issue marks the beginning of ICSA’s 125th anniversary celebrations. In this time, the Institute has helped organisations to uphold the highest standards in governance by qualifying thousands of chartered secretaries and educating the wider community about the importance of good governance.

Celebrating our anniversary is an opportunity to look forward, rather than back, at what the future of governance might look like. Throughout this milestone year, Governance and Compliance will be exploring this topic in depth.

You will find interviews with high profile business leaders in which we ask them about the future outlook, as well as features and commentary discussing the evolution of governance.

By doing so, we hope to generate fresh perspectives – please do get in touch if you would like to share yours.

To kick off this series, we spoke to Tim Sheehy, the Institute’s Director-General, who believes that the future will bring ‘even greater challenges’ for governance professionals.

He explains that ‘the general public will have ever-increasing expectations of the role that companies play in society [and] … on what governance of companies delivers in terms of services.’ It is therefore essential that they ‘promote accountability, transparency, integrity and stewardship.’

'Yet there will be ‘more opportunities in organisations for [governance professionals] to have a role which adds value, as opposed to a role that is largely compliance oriented’. It is an exciting time to be a part of such an important profession. You can read the full interview with Tim, 'Cutting through the noise'

2016 looks set to be a great year. To better represent who we are as an organisation, ICSA will also be adopting the strapline, The Governance Institute. UKRIAT President, Frank Curtiss, explains the change in his column, 'The Governance Institute'.

Happy New Year.

Alexandra Jones is Editor of Governance and Compliance

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