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Navigating the duties of the company secretary

25 August 2015

Navigating the duties of the company secretary - read more

Cosecs should earn respect over time, picking and choosing battles. They should not miss out on voicing an opinion on legal issues and speak up when necessary.

'Discretion; ability to listen, reconcile, and manage different views; being the conscience; and pointing out the elephant in the room are good personal qualities for a company secretary.'

'Cosecs should have a good rapport with the board, be able to inspire trust and maintain neutrality.'

'Company secretaries should speak up as they do not have a vote so should not miss the opportunity to point something out before it is too late.'

'When it is mainly a legal and compliance issue the company secretary should not be afraid to speak up.'

'With conflict of interests, cosecs need to explain that there are other viewpoints but that the common goal of the company must be remembered as the focal point.'

'Regular reviews of conflicts of interest which may arise over particular upcoming matters should be undertaken.'

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