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Negotiating board relationships

07 July 2015

Boardpad Negotiating board relationships

Negotiating board relationships is a partnership between Governance and Compliance magazine and ICSA Boardroom Apps, which looks at the crucial governance role of the company secretary and the importance of their skilful handling of a complexity of relationships, in the boardroom and beyond.


Through a series of polls, articles and an event, we will be reflecting on the following questions: What skills do company secretaries need to be an effective member of the board? What is the interplay between the secretary’s technical expertise and his or her interpersonal skills? Is one more valuable than the other? And is it possible to build trust with other members of the board and not be drawn into some of the thornier aspects of board politics?

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Negotiating board relationships - read more

Negotiating board relationships

Different personality types are good as long as they are not destructive so that boards are not getting stale with the same views. Read more...

Navigating the duties of the company secretary - read more

Navigating the duties of the company secretary

Cosecs should earn respect over time, picking and choosing battles. They should not miss out on voicing an opinion on legal issues and speak up when necessary. Read more...

Dealing with frustrating boardroom habits - read more

Dealing with frustrating boardroom habits

Critical discussions and decisions are not taking place in the boardroom, which puts companies in a vulnerable position with regulators. Read more...

Engaging with the chairman and CEO - read more

Engaging with the chairman and CEO

The roles of the chairman and CEO are clearly defined. They should be reminded of this at every board meeting or at least have a discussion after or before a board meeting if they need reminding of rules. Read more...


Better connections - read more

Better connections

Technology can play a vital part in negotiating board relationships. Read more...

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