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E-learning pilot for Corporate Secretarial Practice

17 April 2018

E-learning pilot for Corporate Secretarial Practice - Read more

ICSA took its first steps in e-learning in March with the release of a pilot project based on the Corporate Secretarial Practice (CSP) module of the qualifying scheme

This pilot, which contains 25 hours of video lectures, the core text and a wealth of practical learning support material, is free to all students taking CSP for the June examinations. It is being offered as a key part of ICSA’s commitment to supporting our students.

The learning from the pilot will help us to design new kinds of resources that will make a real difference to students from the coming study year onwards.

To take part, or for more information, please email e-learning@icsa.org.uk or visit icsa.org.uk/professional-development/e-learning

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