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In Vino Veritas

In Vino Veritas

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The Same Storm

03 February 2021

We are all experiencing the tribulations that the pandemic has caused. Read more...

Has the most recent lockdown caused any new policy changes in your company?

02 February 2021

This month we decided to see what The Chartered Governance Institute and Core communities thought about the third lockdown, as well as what the biggest governance focuses for 2021 are likely to be. Read more...

Interview: Angela Culhane

17 December 2020

Angela Culhane, CEO of Prostate Cancer UK talks to Governance and Compliance about the impact the pandemic has had on research, as well as her entry route into the charity sector and her advice for those beginning their career. Read more...

Greater Good

16 December 2020

Directors are in a key position to wisely influence the motivations of their colleagues. Read more...

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Will your company be downsizing its office space?

04 November 2020

This month we decided to see what The Chartered Governance Institute and Core communities thought about downsizing office space and alternative uses for it. Read more...

Core Values

04 November 2020

Mental and emotional wellbeing needs more attention than ever before. Read more...

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How prepared is your organisation for a no trade deal scenario?

05 October 2020

Our community looks at how a no trade deal scenario could impact their organisation. Read more...

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A Strong Bond

05 October 2020

There is a unique partnership between charities and the public. Read more...

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ESG and the Board

02 September 2020

On 13 August, we held a discussion panel to develop the thinking for the third in our series of papers on ‘Building Board Resilience’ on which The Chartered Governance Institute is partnering with Diligent Corporation. Read more...

Interview: Victoria Penrice

27 August 2020

Victoria Penrice talks to Governance and Compliance about her recent appointment as UKRIAT President and her entry into the profession. Read more...

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