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NHS clinical commissioning groups code

In April 2013, the responsibility for organising the delivery of NHS services in England moved formally to new NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) - meaning GPs and other clinicians are now in charge of commissioning decisions for their patients.

As a leader in governance and compliance, ICSA recognises the challenges associated with this, and has produced a concise governance code, to support clinicians in developing good governance arrangements and to help build and maintain public trust in clinicians and the NHS.


Download a copy of the NHS clinical commissioning groups code of governance


The code has been prepared with an expert panel, chaired by Lord Hunt of Wirral, former Senior Partner of DAC Beachcroft. ICSA also received feedback from those who work in and with CCGs, so that the code represents all the specialities required within the governing body of a CCG and draws upon their, and the panel's, experience of the NHS and effective governance.

Other resources


ICSA have produced six guidance notes especially for NHS CCGs; you must be a member, student or affiliate with ICSA to access these resources.


Decision-making principles for NHS CCGs


Specimen code of conduct for NHS CCG governing body members


NHS CCG's constitutions


Model conflicts of interest policy for NHS CCGs


Specimen roles and responsibilities: NHS clinical commissioning group head of governance


Specimen NHS clinical commissioning group meeting etiquette

CCG code

Download the final code

CCG draft code expert review and response to public feedback


Download the CCG draft code expert review

Download the Response of the Expert Panel to Public Feedback