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Company Secretary

FTSE Small Cap organisation seek a standalone Company Secretary. This is an exciting time to join this growing business. The role will incorporate the following:


-Support the Chairman, Committee Chairmen, and other Directors in ensuring effective governance of the business taking account of best practice guidance, including the UK Corporate Governance Code and associated guidance. Provide independent advice on governance matters including on how improvements can be made and implement governance processes that support the delivery of corporate strategy and comply with best practice.

-Advise on the Group's scheme of delegations, authorities and accountabilities to ensure that a clear and effective framework exists for decisions to be taken and evidenced at the appropriate levels within the organisation.

-Ensure that Board induction and development programmes are effective and are tailored to the needs of the individual. Develop and maintain elements of an induction programme for Board members to ensure that they have a sound understanding of operating in the context of a listed company, including such matters as the role of the plc Board and Committees consistent with corporate governance best practice, Listing Rule and MAR requirements etc.

-Manage meetings of the Board, Committees, and Retail Board, ensuring agendas, papers and follow up actions support delivery of longer term strategy and near term objectives.

-Facilitate productive two-way communication and information flows between the Board, Committees, Retail Board and the rest of the business to ensure that:
the Board and Committees are well informed about the business (performance, opportunities/risks, challenges, colleague views, environmental factors and trends, regulatory landscape etc)
matters are escalated and considered at the appropriate times by the appropriate persons
decisions made by the Board, Committees and Board are communicated and executed well and on time by the appropriate colleagues within the business.

-Working with external service providers as necessary, advise on, develop, manage and communicate the Group's share-based incentives to ensure that they achieve high levels of motivation, retention, engagement and alignment with shareholder interests across the business.
-Lead, together with the Head of IR, delivery of external narrative reporting and engagement requirements, ensuring that the business is seen as a responsible and well-governed business with a reputation for delivery of a clear strategy by a strong management team.

-Manage the Group's annual general meeting and other general meetings that may be required from time to time, ensuring not only that all statutory requirements in relation to convening and holding the meeting are met but that such meetings are a valuable part of the Group's programme of investor engagement.


-Provide effective company secretarial support for all companies within the business, including support of subsidiary Boards, maintenance of corporate records and compliance with filings requirements. Ensure the Group structure is optimised and cost effective.
-Ensure the Group complies with the requirements and continuing obligations of the UK Listing Rules, Prospectus Rules and Disclosure and Transparency Rules.

-Manage the Group's relationship with its share registrars to ensure that all services are provided in compliance with regulatory requirements and deliver an excellent service to our investors.
-Promote and support a culture of compliance across the Group to protect and enhance the company's reputation as a credible and responsible business. Ensure a framework exists to identify relevant regulation and its impact and to plan, implement and monitor actions to comply with changing requirements.
Risk & insurance

-Manage the Group's insurance requirements and broker relationships, ensuring that cover is adequate to transfer those risks which are required by law or which are not expected be adequately mitigated by other actions. Leverage the relevant external relationships to provide additional resource and expertise to the business.

-Manage and maintain an appropriate framework for the identification, assessment, ownership, management and reporting of risk across the business.

-Manage legal matters including review, recording and safekeeping of legal documents, seeking and using external advice as required.

-Manage relationships with external legal advisers to ensure that strong but cost effective relationships are developed with advisers with appropriate specialisms to support the business and that instructions to legal advisers are well controlled and managed.
-Lead mitigation of legal risk across the business through the development of appropriate policies and procedures.

Reference number: BBBH17550

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Apply now or contact Leena Myers on 0203 058 1444

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