We want to strengthen our Board with new Trustees who have the skills and availability and to contribute to the governance of the essential work we are doing in Ealing West London to support the increasing community of dementia sufferers.
What will you be doing?
Dementia Concern (DC) was created in 1992 to support the estimated 2,500/3,000 people with Dementia and their carers living in the London Borough of Ealing by providing them with practical services which enable them to live as independently as possible within the community. The work includes:
  • Link work carried out in partnership with  the local NHS and GP authorities to assess sufferers' conditions and practical needs
  • Organising services to provide sufferers and their carers with those practical needs to enable them to live in the community, including information and advice, support for those living alone, day centres, weekly  respite care and social activities. 
We have about 20 full-time and 30 part-time staff. We are partly funded by local NHS and Council authorities with whom we often work in partnership but with increasing public austerity, we are putting increased efforts into private fund-raising. Current turnover is about £1,000,000.
We need new trustees with a commitment to our vital community work and  the necessary skills and enthusiasm to help us in the general governance and strategic management of DC together with our experienced and dedicated staff.
Time; The Board of trustees meets in the afternoon every six weeks in Ealing and there is an annual awayday with staff. In addition there are other particular matters which Trustees are asked to undertake, especially meeting staff and finding out about their work. 
What are we looking for?

We need Trustees who:
  • Are prepared to be committed to DC and its community, familiarise themselves with its work and devote the necessary time to its governance and success
  • Are familiar with the duties and legal obligations of Trustees, or are prepared to get to know them.  A reading of the Charity Commission's booklet "The Essential Trustee" would help
  • Will participate in the overall strategic governance of DC with the other Trustees
  • Will commit themselves to the seven Nolan tests of public life -  selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.  
  • Will have relevant personal skills to contribute to Governance.  We are particularly looking for people with experience in Human Resources, Legal work, Marketing Media and Communications, Fund-Raising, Health and Social Care and Corporate Governance.  
What difference will you make?
Dementia is indeed a concern - a major social concern. Ealing is the second most populated London borough and third most diverse.  Currently it has over 2,500 recognised Dementia sufferers who are predicated to increase to 4,000 within six years. Dementia also affects almost as many families, many of whom become carers by necessity, often unpaid. This community need the support and services we provide to enable them to survive in the community.
Working both directly and in working partnerships with the NHS and local government, this work is vital It is mainly done by our skilled and dedicated staff.  But it can only run on the basis of sound governance and financial management, and this is where the Trustees can make their vital contribution.
What's in it for the volunteer?
Do you know a Dementia sufferer?  Members of your family? Friends? Chances are that, like most people, you do.  So, if you think about them you will realise the support needed by them and their families to survive in the community.  You may then feel you can usefully contribute your skills to making this happen.
A few more details

If you have not already done so please do;
You will find both useful.
Please just send us a CV and a letter explaining why you are interested in the position and the skills and experience you think you can bring to it.

Please address them for attention of Pierre Thomas trustee. The application will then be given to our Nominations Committee which will invite you for an interview and then make a recommendation to the Board as to your election. Many thanks

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