Board Member

L.E.A.D. Academy Trust

Created in 2011, the L.E.A.D. Academy Trust comprises 25 academies, with a mix of both primary and secondary spread across the region from Sheffield in the north to Leicestershire in the south. The trust seeks a new member. The experienced current Board hopes the new Member will help guide the strategic direction as it prepares for the next stage of development. The trust is led by Diana Owen CBE, and it is one of the key sponsors operating in the East Midlands region. Board meetings are held in the Nottingham area.

About the trust

The L.E.A.D Academy Trust was created in 2011, as part of an ‘umbrella’ trust; as the number of academies in that trust grew, a decision was made to convert to multi-academy trust (MAT) status in 2013. Since that time the trust has continued to grow and now comprises 25 academies – 22 of which are primary and three are secondary.

The MAT operates in deprived areas in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire areas, covering Local Authority areas of Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City, Leicestershire, Leicester City, Derby City and

Sheffield. The Department for Education sees the trust as one of the key sponsors operating in the region.

The trust has been featured in a number of important publications including the DFE and NCTL’s ‘Freedom to Lead: a study of outstanding primary school leadership in England’ (October 2014), the DFE’s

Multi-Academy Trust Case Study’ (November 2014), the NCTL’s ‘Leadership of great pedagogy in teaching school alliances: research case studies‘(February 2015) and the DFE’s ‘Academies Annual Report 2013 to 2014’ (June 2015).


The trust currently employs 1500 staff, educates 10,500 pupils, has a turnover of £56m per year.


Role Summary

Number of Positions Advertised: 1


Role – Member

A member is able to alter the trust’s Articles of Association and appoint (or remove) trustees/directors where necessary. They provide independent oversight to the work of the board of trustees in order to ensure suitable accountability for its decision making and strategy. At L.E.A.D Academy Trust the members are expected to be signatories for the academy trust, to attend 3 meetings per year, and to add to the already broad skillset within the existing team of members.


Person specification

The competencies required for this role include:



  • Non-executive/ Trustee



  • Corporate Governance
  • Strategic


The trust seeks a highly skilled business professional with board level experience for this role. This individual must also be comfortable with the 'eyes on, hands off' environment of an academy members' board.


Time commitment

The role of Member is more strategic and is best escribed as ‘eyes on, but hands-off’.  As such, Members are involved less frequently for only three meetings per year. They are likely to need to devote 15-20 hours per year to the role.


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