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The Royal College of Pathologists is a charity with over 11,000 members worldwide, the majority of whom are doctors and scientists working in hospitals and universities.  We promote the science and practice of pathology.

The College is governed by a Trustee Board. The College Council, which reports to the Trustee Board, is focussed on the practice of pathology as a profession, which includes all the professional, clinical and educational functions of the College.  Most of the work of the College is achieved through sub-committees of Council.  Committees deal with generic matters crossing all pathology specialties, while Specialty Advisory Committees advise on specialty-specific matters such as cellular pathology and medical microbiology.

The RCP are currently recruiting a Corporate Administration and Committees Manager to lead a team responsible for a wide range of senior corporate administration and secretariat services.  This is an excellent opportunity to make a difference to the efficiency of their corporate governance, business processes and administration of corporate activities. The RCP are specifically looking for candidates with a broad range of experience from either a more corporate background or someone from within a similar sector.

It is worth noting that The College offers a competitive base salary, attractive staff benefits, generous annual leave and excellent learning and development opportunities.  The Pension scheme is 22% - 16% Employer and 6% Employee contributions.

In short,    The role includes:

  • direct provision of support to the Trustee Board and College Council
  • management of governance and administration for the College committees which report to Trustee Board – including the implementation of a major review of the College’s committee structure
  • management of corporate administration, including reports against the College strategy and plans and management of the risk register, working with the Senior Management Team
  • oversight of all corporate policies and working with the Data Protection Officer on the administration of data protection as a continuing programme of improvement
  • line management of a team of five which includes a Business Administration Officer, EA to the President, and three Committee Services Officers.

The successful candidate will have:

  • experience managing administrative processes
  • experience of supporting senior level boards and committees
  • experience of managing, leading and developing staff
  • ability to plan, manage and deliver a complex and varied workload
  • personal credibility to deliver support and advice at a senior level.

Main Purpose

The main purpose of this role is:

  • To provide secretariat services to the Trustee Board and College Council
  • To oversee the planning and delivery of administration services to ensure the effective operation of Committees and other groups reporting to College Council. A recent review of the Committee structure is to be implemented, led by the postholder.
  • To provide overall management of corporate governance ensuring compliance with processes and procedures as per the Charter and By-Laws
  • To manage delivery of corporate and administration processes and procedures for oversight of corporate policies, registers (including risk register), reports (non-financial) and strategic plans
  • To lead a team that supports the Trustees, Council and Committees, Senior Management with secretariat, executive support and business administration for corporate College affairs.

Key Duties:

The Corporate Administration and Committees Manager will undertake or manage the following:-

A) Corporate affairs

  • To provide overall management of corporate policies and procedures.
  • Managing and updating governance processes and procedures as per the Charter and By-Laws as determined by the Trustee Board supported by the Governance Committee
  • Ensure the Trustee Board is provided with required information about roles, responsibilities and support any required and ongoing development of Trustees
  • Maintain oversight and routine review, through a register, of College policies that are required for internal use or provide legal or best practice compliance
  • Maintain a programme for corporate risk management through use of a risk register and liaising with risk owners to regularly review risks and associated controls or actions
  • Oversee, and manage where required, a programme of work that maintains the College’s data protection (GDPR) compliance through work with the Data Protection Officer, Head of Corporate Services and the data compliance team
  • Maintain the College’s strategic and annual plans and manage the compiling and submission of corporate and annual plan reports
  • Oversee corporate business and administration processes and procedures that are delegated to the department. These include: -
    • Manage the delivery of all elections (Honorary Officers, Council members, Committee chairs) and selection processes for volunteer roles on College Committees
    • Nominations of College representatives to external committees or organisations
    • Management of College awards as advised by committees
    • Commercial consultations provided by RCPath Consulting
    • Documentation management systems and processes to continually improve efficiency, communication and secure sharing of decisions and information for committees and other College bodies
    • Publication of College committee meeting dates and ceremonies

B) Secretariat services

To oversee the planning and delivery of secretariat services: -

  • Direct provision of secretariat services for the Trustee Board, College Council, Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings and other committees / working groups as required
  • Oversee the provision of executive support to the President, Registrar and Chief Executive through team members
  • Ensure good communication between stakeholders involved with Trustee Board, Council, President and other Officers

C) Committee services

  • To oversee the management of administrative and governance support for committees. An initial task will be to lead the implementation of a recent review of the committee structure.
  • Ensure management and delegation of committee administration for committees and other groups as required
  • Oversee processes for the efficient and effective running of the committee structure including election, application and demitting of committee chairs and members
  • Ensure processes in place that all relevant decisions of committees are communicated to the appropriate people
  • Ensure that administration and agreed committees’ projects are managed and delivered efficiently
  • Ensure delivery of appropriate induction to new members of committees (including Trustees and Council members)
  • Ensure regular reviews of terms of reference, committee membership, committee reports
  • Oversee continual improvements in management and distribution of documentation and information for Committees that are secure and efficient

D) Leadership and management

  • Line management of Business Administration Officer, Executive Assistant to the President, and 3 x Committees Officers
  • Manage people in line with College values and behaviours, and the ‘Managing People at the Royal College of Pathologists’ statement
  • Provide leadership to the team and develop good team working practices, sharing of information and collaborative ways of working
  • Ensure communication to and from the team with other staff and stakeholders
  • Provide management of projects to develop processes and new initiatives as required
  • Plan and budget appropriately to deliver department’s workload.
  • Develop and maintain department annual workplan
  • Approve expense claims in line with College policy

E) General duties

  • Keep abreast of relevant research and developments within own professional field
  • Undertake any other duties and responsibilities as requested which are commensurate with this role
  • Actively contribute to the maintenance of accurate information on the College Website

Scope and Accountability:

The Corporate Administration and Committees Manager is responsible for developing, delivering and evaluating annual plans that support and provide services for the Governance of the College, College Council and Trustee Board and its formal Committees. The role has responsibility for oversight and management of statutory and ‘best practice’ policies by maintaining registers, records and communicating these. This involves planning the delivery of scheduled activities as well as specific projects contained in the College Annual Plan. The post holder is responsible for the operational management of such plans and meeting deadlines and targets associated with the plans. The post-holder is required to prioritise and manage plans that may have an impact on Officers and the department.

The Corporate Administration and Committees Manager will take decisions on strategic and operational issues within the department and contribute to decision making within Corporate Services. The postholder is responsible for ensuring corporate policy registers and documents are maintained. The role requires knowledge of a specific but complex range of subjects to cover the requirements of corporate reporting, governance and operational support. The decision making requires an ability to consider multiple priorities and the internal and external impact of decisions. The issues may be complex and require a high level of awareness and understanding of College Governance and Officers’ roles as well as staffing, resources and timing considerations. The Corporate Administration and Committees Manager is responsible for financial budgets for the department to support Council, Trustee Board and Committee activities. This includes responsibility for information that is sensitive or confidential and that may be required for legal or compliance purposes.

Key Relationships:

The Corporate Administration and Committees Manager reports to the Director of Corporate Services and is responsible for the management, training and support of four members of staff. The postholder works closely with the Trustee Board, Council, Committee Members, the SMT, managers and staff in all College departments. The post holder may be required to liaise with a range of external stakeholders at senior level.


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