Administration Team of the Year

As for the Administrator of the Year Award, this Award reflects the more specialised sectors, such as Trust, Company and Fund Administration. It will be awarded to a company, fund or trust administration team which demonstrates a mastery of the complex legal and regulatory environment and plays an added-value role in the governance of the organisation.

The Judges will recognise initiatives which have contributed to emerging best practice in the pursuit of good governance in an administrative role. Applications are invited from all types of organisation, including charities, government, companies, trusts and fund structures.

In order to be eligible for this Award at least one fully qualified ICSA member should be part of the team.

Your entry for this award should cover:

  • How has the team contributed towards achieving departmental and organisational objectives;
  • How has the team played an added-value role in governance of the organisation;
  • Describe how the team excels when dealing with their legal and regulatory compliance obligations as an administrator.; and
  • Anything else relevant to why you feel the nominee deserves to win this award.

View the questions asked for this category before making your nomination.

Nominations close at midnight on Wednesday 3 July 2019. If you have any questions about the nomination or judging process please get in touch.

Your data
We ask for your contact details in case there are any questions about your nomination, and to let you know the results. We will use the details you provide for the nominee to seek their consent to participate. All personal information will be treated with respect. It will not be shared with anyone else or used for any other purpose.

Nomination form

Step 1 of 3: Your details


Step 2 of 3: Who are you nominating?


Step 3 of 3: Why do you think this team should win this award?

  • Include information about the size of the team, how it is structured, its roles and responsibilities, and some background information on the company


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